Common Medicinal Herbs For Natural Health. The three varieties of Rose most often used for medicine-making is Rosa gallica (also known as as Provins or Apothecaries rose), Rosa damascena (or Rosa x damascena to denote its hybridity, also known as damask rose), and Rosa centifolia (also known as Provence Rose). Help a Boo-Boo or a Sore Throat. If there is no adverse or allergic reaction within 24 hours it can be safely applied elsewhere. They also sniffed vapor to stop bleedings from the nose or mouth. Rose elixir is exceptionally uplifting and can be used to relieve trauma, grief, depression, anxiety, heartbreak and chronic stress and fatigue. The oil can be mass-produced in factories and is a pale, yellow color and semisolid. In some cases, a person can have a reaction to rose water due to a particular and often unknown sensitivity to the product. The best rose essential oil 100 percent … In the Great Lakes region, the Chippewas made a tea from the wild rose and used the berries for food and for diseases of the eye. Due to its high concentration, rose oil is known to be a fairly expensive product. Herbalist Janice Schofield makes rose petal vinegar that she uses for sore throats, as a douche, an after-bath splash, a facial rinse and for salad dressing. To this day, the Apothecary’s Rose is still used for its highly fragrant qualities in potpourri, soothing teas, lotions and other cosmetics. Just as the fumes of rose water are inhaled to help improve mood, it is believed that the de-stressing effects can also help treat headaches and migraines. Medicinal use of Rose Moss: The entire plant is depurative. Many roses have been used in herbal and folk medicines. This, in turn, can help soothe the skin and reduce redness, as well as act as an anti-aging product by reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The dried hips of the wild rose are especially high in vitamin C, having three times that of citrus fruits, and have long been used to prevent scurvy. Here, discover how long the effects typically last, how long it takes to work, and potential risks to…, © 2004-2020 Healthline Media UK Ltd, Brighton, UK, a Red Ventures Company. The rose hips mostly used in the west are from Rosa canina (dog rose) and the petals of Rosa centifolia, Rosa damascena or Rosa gallica are used medicinally. The Flathead and Cheyenne tribes treated snow blindness with an eyewash made by boiling the petals, stem bark, or root bark. Evening primrose herb is used extensively in herbal medicine and as a dietary supplement for many conditions. Headaches 4. It is commonly used in Bach flower remedies. Evening Primrose Herbal Use . They make an excellent, fragrant jam, most notably from the Damask rose, popular in Bulgaria. The ingestion of rose water has also been shown to have beneficial effects on the digestive system. Dried rose hips and the seeds are used together to make medicine. The sweet violet (Viola odorata, Violaceae) is the principal medicinal and culinary species used in Europe.It has escaped cultivation in many locales, because it is popularly planted for its fragrance. The botanical name of the Wild Rose is reflected in its use by the Romans. It is believed to induce sleep and to have a hypnotic effect similar to that of the pharmaceutical drug diazepam. The antioxidants in rose water protect the cells in the skin against damage. The Pawnees collected the insect galls from the lower parts of the stems, and charred and crushed them for use in dressings for burns. The cabbage rose is used to produce French rose oil, which differs significantly in its chemical composition from Bulgarian rose oil and has a reputation as an aphrodisiac. However, the same product can come in different forms. Learn more…, The common cold is the most common infection that occurs in humans. For educational purposes only. For centuries the rose has been highly valued by many cultures not only for its beauty and perfume but also for its profound healing properties on both a physical and psychological level. 4. The liquid can also be taken orally. Infusions of dried rose petals are used for headaches and taken after meals to aid digestion. The same belief has long been held true regarding the rose and is seen in this saying, “Roses are good for the skin and the soul”. I’ve discussed various ways of preserving and using roses, but for my final post on the topic this season, I want to highlight how to capture the physical and emotional benefits of the rose using the easy-to-take, alcohol-free medium of vegetable glycerine.. Rose Glycerite acts as a mild nervine, calming anxiety and jitteryness. In addition, the various flavonoid… When combined with other herbs, they areused to treat irregular or heavy menstruation. Menopausal symptoms2 5. The insect or disease-produced galls were found in the archaeological remains of the Hill Site, near present-day Guide Rock, Nebraska, which was occupied by the Pawnees in the early 1800s. Use as a natural perfume that is free of health hazardous synthetic scents; How to use rose essential oil: You can diffuse it in the air to benefit from its wonderful floral scent or you can use it topically on your body. When applied directly to the skin, skin care products containing rose essential oil are purported to hydrate dry skin, clear acne, reduce signs of aging, minimize the appearance of scars, and help with conditions such as eczema and rosacea. In the 1st century CE, Pliny the Elder recorded thirty-two different medicinal uses of the rose. Creams from the essential oil are used to treat dry or inflamed skin. It is used in the treatment of hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver with ascites, swelling and pain in the pharynx. Rose medicine can be a wonderful way to soothe our aching hearts or lift us from deep grief. Often the petals are eaten, with yogurt, for example, and are used for the previously mentioned digestive benefits. The Chinese use the flowers as a qi or energy stimulant and blood tonic to relieve stagnant liver energies. Evening primrose has been used in alternative medicine as a possibly effective aid in treating nerve damage caused by diabetes, and osteoporosis. All rights reserved. Other forms that rose products may come in can include: A person can apply rose products topically by putting a small amount — about the size of a dime — on their arm as an initial test. More modern uses within TWH includes Rosa canina and Rosa rugosa. It is used as a perfume due to its sweet scent, but it has medicinal and culinary values, as well. Depression 3. Learn about the causes, symptoms, treatment options, and home remedies in this…, Stromme syndrome is a rare genetic condition. Because of the high price of rose oil, adulteration is common.