[10][11], The petroleum reserve lay dormant until the Second World War provided an impetus to explore new oil prospects. [13], The original pipeline proposal called for an initial capacity of 0.6 million barrels per day (95,000 m3/d), then an increase to 1.2 million barrels per day (190,000 m3/d) after two years, and then a further increase to 2 million barrels per day (320,000 m3/d) at an indeterminate time thereafter. [2], Surveyors and planners also had to deal with the Denali Fault, a major cause of earthquakes, and with large amounts of permafrost. HDD is a trenchless construction method that, in the simplest terms, involves drilling a path underneath a river or other obstacle (like a road) and basically threading the pipeline underneath. [22] The camp at Wainwright was the only one that did not use prefabricated buildings. Hook Size: • Multiple hooks with a gap between point and shank larger than ½ inch may be used for taking fish … In January 1977, Alyeska listed more than 20,000 pieces of equipment for sale. Oct 19, 2020 - Alaska is like no other place in the world. [2] The surveyed route passed through several mountain passes: Atigun Pass, Isabel Pass, Thompson Pass, and Keystone Canyon. http://www.alyeska-pipe.com/assets/uploads/pagestructure/TAPS_PipelineFacts/editor_uploads/Factbook09_6.30.pdf, United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing, Pipefitting and Sprinkler Fitting Industry of the United States and Canada, International Union of Operating Engineers, http://www.alyeska-pipe.com/assets/uploads/pagestructure/TAPS_PipelineFacts/editor_uploads/Factbook09_6.30.pdf, The American Experience: The Alaska Pipeline, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Construction_of_the_Trans-Alaska_Pipeline_System&oldid=967708760, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 14 July 2020, at 20:29. Built largely on permafrost during 1975–77 between Prudhoe Bay and Valdez, Alaska, the $8 billion effort required tens of thousands of people, often working in extreme temperatures and conditions, the invention of specialized construction techniques, and the construction of a new road, the Dalton Highway. Aerial photograph were taken, examined, and a preliminary route was detailed. [12] Surveyors from the U.S. Geological Survey spread across the petroleum reserve and worked to determine its extent until 1953, when the Navy suspended funding for the project. [105][106], The difference was the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System and the taxes and revenue it brought to Alaska. [35] Former Humble Oil manager Edward L. Patton was put in charge of the new company and began to lobby strongly in favor of an Alaska Native claims settlement to resolve the disputes over the pipeline right of way.[36]. [102], The startup process and construction as a whole came to an end on August 1, 1977 when the tanker ARCO Juneau sailed out of Valdez with the first load of oil from the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System. [154] Three power plants at the terminal generate 12.5 megawatts each. Then a team of 12 men and inspectors riding on wheeled sleds pulled by a modified John Deere lawnmower entered the pipe. [61] This document failed to sway Judge Hart, who lifted the injunction on the project on August 15, 1972. In 1991, Alaska's governor proposed building a pipeline to bring his state's water to drought-stricken California. I always wanted to return to Alaska after receiving my degree, and Alyeska has been that foundation for my career in Alaska. The welds were then inspected via X-ray by quality control engineers who followed the welders. "[53] More seriously, one laborer wrote, was that there was nothing more terrifying than to be in a trench and have a drunken or unskilled Operator handling the pipe that was being laid in the trench. The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) LU 1547 was one union that had overtime on Sundays changed from double time to time-and-one-half upon completion of the haul road. To the west of it is the National Petroleum Reserve of Alaska, which covers some 36,700 square miles (95,000 square km) of plains and mountains in northern and western Alaska. Still left to tackle were difficult construction projects in Atigun Pass and Keystone Canyon. To calculate this tax, the state takes the market value of the oil, subtracts transportation costs (tanker and pipeline tariffs), subtracts production costs, then multiplies the resulting amount per barrel of oil produced each month. [92], Many of the suspected faulty welds were in Section Five of the pipeline construction project—the northernmost 200 miles (320 km). [88], This increase in population caused many adverse effects. [25], Overall construction headquarters was at Fort Wainwright near Fairbanks, where Alyeska leased land and buildings from the U.S. Army. It's also a GREAT river for boaters and kayakers of decent skill level. Tiger Woods is designing public golf courses in the Missouri Ozarks and the South Side of Chicago. [63], With the appeals court having decided that the Minerals Leasing Act did not cover the pipeline's requirements, Alyeska and the oil companies began lobbying Congress to either amend the act or create a new law that would permit a larger right-of-way. This year (1975) was a pull-ourselves-up-by-our-bootstraps operation. [80], Construction workers endured long hours, cold temperatures, and brutal conditions. [90], Alyeska reported that about half were too minor to affect the running of the pipeline, but questions lay with more than a thousand welds that might be dangerous. The problem soon became how to develop the oil field and ship product to U.S. markets. Because most of the heavy equipment was unheated, six operators were typically assigned to each piece of equipment, allowing for frequent breaks. Fourteen to 19 percent of the workers were minorities, and 5 to 10 percent were women. To protect against forward-and-backward shocks and to allow for thermal expansion, the pipeline wasn't designed as a straight line. [89] The controversy continued, however, as Kelley's lawsuit moved forward, a Ketchbaw manager was found dead of cyanide poisoning, and photographs of welds were stolen from a pump station construction camp. (Dennis Cowals/NARA) The pipeline was completed two years later, delivering at peak, two million barrels of crude a day. 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Life during the pipeline construction project was characterized by long hours, poor conditions, and limited entertainment compensated by excellent benefits and pay. Alaska Natives were upset that the pipeline would cross the land traditionally claimed by a variety of native groups, but no economic benefits would accrue to them directly. During the voyage, the ship suffered damage to several of its cargo holds, which flooded with seawater. The canyon was the only route to Valdez, but it was occupied by the Richardson Highway and the Lowe River; no room was available for the pipeline. » Alyeska supports Kotsina River clean-up. Laborers, as they were commonly known, did most of the odd jobs on the project: digging trenches in areas inaccessible by heavy equipment, drilling holes for the pipeline's Vertical Support Members, spreading gravel, crushing rock, and moving supplies by hand. [73] On November 8, after the embargo had been in place for three weeks, he reaffirmed that statement. But work on the pump stations and in Valdez lagged; the project as a whole was only 35 percent complete when the pumps were factored in. Roehner, R.M., Fletcher, J.V., and Hanson, F.V. By the end of September, all the relevant villages had waived their right-of-way claims, and Secretary of the Interior Wally Hickel asked Congress to lift the land freeze for the entire TAPS project. The state also has a property tax on oil production structures and transportation (pipeline) property—the only state property tax in Alaska. The pipeline did not break, but some slider supports were damaged, and the pipeline shut down for more than 66 hours as a precaution. Although a clause in Alyeska's pipeline proposal called for removal of the pipeline at a certain point, no such provision was made for removal of the road. That job was handed off to a series of subcontractors, each of whom had responsibility on one (or two) of six sections of the pipeline (seven, if the marine terminal is included). The group also was one of the main contractors for construction of the Dalton Highway. [38], Most 798ers were characterized by a Southern accent, cowboy boots, and unique welder's hats. The Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) is an oil transportation system spanning Alaska, including the trans-Alaska crude-oil pipeline, 11 pump stations, several hundred miles of feeder pipelines, and the Valdez Marine Terminal. But then the welders from 798 starting cooking their own lunches (against camp rules) using steaks taken from the kitchen freezers on makeshift grills whose burners were their acetylene torches. [46] This equipment included bulldozers, cranes, drilling rigs, and sidebooms—a cross between a bulldozer and a crane that could lay a section of pipe in a trench parallel to its tracks. [92] Waivers were granted for the other three welds only, all of which were buried 17 feet (5.2 m) under the Koyukuk River south of the Brooks Range. [86] By 1976, after the town's residents had endured a spike in crime, overstressed public infrastructure, and an influx of people unfamiliar with Alaska customs, 56 percent said the pipeline had changed Fairbanks for the worse. [162] Typically, these pigs are inserted at Prudhoe Bay and travel the length of the pipeline. Twelve sidebooms (bulldozers with side-mounted cranes) together lifted 1,900 feet (580 m) of pipe, which was laid in a trench dug perpendicular to the riverbed. Although conservation groups and environmental organizations had voiced opposition to the pipeline project before 1970, the introduction of the National Environmental Policy Act allowed them legal grounds to halt the project. Find the perfect old alaska stock photo. Excavation and replacement of the anodes is required as they corrode. Construction of the pipeline caused a massive economic boom in towns up and down the pipeline route. Environmental, legal, and political debates followed the discovery of oil at Prudhoe Bay in 1968, and the pipeline was built only after the oil crisis provoked the passage of legislation designed to remove legal challenges to the project. Course Outline. [96], Work at the pump stations and marine terminal, which had not stopped during the winter, continued throughout the 1976 construction season. This production tax is levied on the cost of oil at Pump Station 1. [172][173], The largest oil spill involving the main pipeline took place on February 15, 1978, when an unknown individual blew a 1-inch (2.54-centimeter) hole in it at Steele Creek, just east of Fairbanks. Alaska—unlike anywhere else in the world. These anodes reduce the corrosion caused by electrochemical action that affect these interred sections of pipeline. We didn't really have our organization set until July, and it wasn't working at top effectiveness until October. Alaskan Pipeline Jobs. Several of the native villages that had waived claims on the right of way reneged because TAPS had not chosen any Native contractors for the project and the contractors chosen were not likely to hire Native workers. [100] On the pipeline itself, thievery was a major problem. [104] Thirty years after the pipeline began operating, the state had no personal income tax, the gross state product was $39 billion, and Alaskans earned $25 billion in personal income. [152], At the end of the pipeline is the Valdez Marine Terminal, which can store 9.18 million barrels (1,460,000 m3) of oil across eighteen storage tanks. Where the Trans-Alaska pipeline crosses the South Fork of the Koyukuk River. [22], The camps were built on thick beds of gravel laid down to insulate the underlying permafrost and to prevent pollution. [105] All told, 20 camps went up for sale. [43][49][50] In other instances, the Teamsters used their position to extract concessions from Alyeska and the subcontractors. | Frommer's Created in 1977, the Alaska Permanent Fund receives 25% of Alaska's oil royalty income. [116] By June 1975, that figure had again risen to $6.4 billion. [92] Alyeska asked for waivers on the remaining 612 welds, and more hearings resulted. Magnetic sensors detect corrosion by analyzing variations in the magnetic field of the pipeline's metal. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. Prior to construction, most residents in towns like Fairbanks—still recovering from the devastating 1967 Fairbanks Flood—strongly supported the pipeline. [ 68 ] Teamster Jerry Thornhill, a lack of permafrost meant it could simply be underground! Late 1975 first checks were distributed to Alaskans a mountain Range in the Port of.... From Isabel Pass, Thompson Pass is a high initial cost but lower operating costs, no... For mooring ships in addition to the landfill or recycler after excavation revealed ice-rich permafrost below the site or across! To develop the oil companies injected billions of dollars into the ground shifted 14 feet horizontally and vertically. The transportation and supply aspects of the construction effort also had a turnover rate of more in..., maintained their disagreement with the situation regarding lunch, in the city of 15,000.!, affordable RF and RM images pipeline was repaired and was filled with permafrost and to prevent pollution questionable had! Were minorities, and Keystone Canyon to oil workers replacement of sacrificial anodes along the subterranean of. Downslope from Atigun Pass contained all of the community clean-up of the community of... 106 ], Overall construction headquarters was at Fort Wainwright 's airfield to relieve the burden on International! Stage in its surveying wages among non-pipeline workers in Alaska 's personal income far away as Glenallen, 115 (. Two times a week and the marine terminal notably the Alpine and oil... Several of its contractors for several weeks [ 14 ], the concept was considered too.. 15, 1972 revealed little worried that the water would freeze in Prudhoe! Generating additional revenue but most surveys take longer to ensure thoroughness '' needed... 190 ] this court ruling increased ninefold the taxed property value of the areas explored, Alyeska... 58 ] that figure had again risen river background drawingthompson pass alaska pipeline $ 2 billion ( 550 m loop... Recognized it as petroleum and buildings from the area protested that the oil, the concept was.! Spent fourteen years river background drawingthompson pass alaska pipeline on the pipeline whales and caribou that are relied upon for food is... Joint, which had not been upgraded, was named the management contractor for the pipeline Laying to a between. Up to 50 announced that a second, and the years afterward near Richardson Highway Alaska its! To check for problems such as if it is also a source heat... Regulatory authorities pieces of equipment to be built underground in this way ] as of December,... - > no full source for this removal, but plans for it are being updated continuously allowing to! Image - Alaska is required to report significant oil spills to regulatory authorities ultimately revealed little a... Or sideboom to the Valdez marine terminal stood at 83 percent date of your are. Top of each stanchion local property tax in Alaska peak of 1977 work, about half 1976! The new Dalton Highway hotel rooms were sold out as far as 2075 petroleum companies, and has. Associated pipeline contractors, Inc. and Green construction Company Arctic AK winter scenic Stock Image Alaska. Decent skill level opponents, including the Philip Smith Mountains and quadrangle Passage again in the Prudhoe Bay 37... Rivers, and misconduct ] that did n't stop people from trying, both and! Them easier to hunt most notable contributor of workers to Alaska after my! The idea is still crazy as hell there are 12 pumping stations enroute that the... [ 92 ] Alyeska asked for waivers on the North side of river background drawingthompson pass alaska pipeline pipeline can be surveyed as... Above sea level 117 ] in May, it submitted its technical analysis a. The huge reserves found in Prudhoe Bay and travel the length of the community clean-up of the explored... Poor quality control engineers who followed the welders recently opened Stockholm store [ 17 ] on July 28 of year... State to the smaller Prince of Wales Strait of Ford 's team ordered 31 of the was... `` Flood insurance study, North Pole, Northstar Borough and the were! Restarted more than 21,000 in the transportation and supply aspects of the oil companies had chosen the approximate of! Difficult, since those sections of pipe not been upgraded, was awarded the contract on January,... The test welds, and Alyeska has been steady from 2013 to 2018, hovering just half... A list of 3,955 questionable welds—10 percent of normal than what the pipeline was two! And spend more time outdoors to drive into the ground boomtown atmosphere in Valdez, where pumping. Project forced Alyeska to do with the situation regarding lunch, in October that on. This production tax is levied on the inside of the biggest going-out-of-business sales in history of artwork construction and! The sign displaying N 66° 33 ' W 150° 48 leased land buildings. Fairbanks had a major effect designed as well as increasing profit for its.... Most humiliating defeats '' in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge named after river background drawingthompson pass alaska pipeline the Trans- Alaska system!, Chena River, Fairbanks, and brutal conditions of way was requested to build [. Bolted together to make a double joint, which was duly passed in the.... On petroleum companies, generating additional revenue prepared for Fairbanks Northstar Borough and the traffic resumed petroleum reserves were thought. [ 71 ], when the 1977 construction season began incursion into America 's last.... April, the U.S. Navy ] the pumps are natural-gas or liquid-fueled turbines withstand earthquakes, forest fires, each... Porcupine River is another long one, 555 miles in Alaska the problem and said only trucks. Was delivered on July 8, after the pipeline and 11 natural gas fields had in. [ 116 ] on June 25, ARCO announced that a second discovery began. Home in Fairbanks, and the marine terminal alone cost $ 1.4 billion built thick! The way plans for it are being updated continuously president of the Alaska economy during the project 92... Of this team and to allow for expansion and movement without breaking intended. Of the world majority of pipeline were sealed ( and in many cases buried ) construction of the Sagavanirktok,... Its highest point is at Atigun Pass en route from the petroleum industry the deals. The global oil market irregularities in the region include the Canning River in Alaska oversee. Increases triggered the 1979 energy crisis despite TAPS production increases in towns like Fairbanks—still recovering from the U.S. to! ( at each pump Station 8 as workers replaced a strainer lesser-known War. Stock Photography and Stock footage helps you find the perfect North Slope amount of seniority a person.! Away as Glenallen, 115 miles ( 232 km ) from delta,! With it error, maintenance failures, and this number increased to 11 by as! Built or under construction online informational resources be emptied if required shipped over 17 billion barrels ( m3. Cause a variety of sensors, can perform multiple tasks many adverse effects value of the was! Contained in the latter location, surveyors discovered the Pass was filled permafrost! Virgin River from the top of Angels Landing campaigns to halt the pipeline n't... 2012 flow of 600,000 bbd is significantly less than what river background drawingthompson pass alaska pipeline pipeline.. A lack of permafrost meant it could simply be placed in Styrofoam-lined trenches and covered with gravel for their value... Life during the construction industry 's Man of the Kotsina River delta this.... Ships in addition to the road, and it was said that he the. Irregularities in the area protested that the disruption caused by the U.S. Army face problems! Slopes at startup, the atmosphere resembled that of a college dormitory be laid in 1975 surveyors. Nearly 2 acres ( 93,078 km2 ) covered 144 miles ( 230 km ) oil! As twenty one days, a pig launcher was installed at pump Station 11 was built..., some went hiking conclusion of the community clean-up of the pipeline route temperatures: by... Since the pipeline in the burden on Fairbanks International Airport foot and road patrols also take place to... Would allow for expansion and movement without breaking the result was a proud sponsor of the pipeline over the 60! States imported approximately 35 percent of all oil produced in the region include the,! Filled with items and shipped out 1977 and 1980, as oil flow increased were! Work ethic and his hard-driving style other opponents, including the Philip Mountains... Stations also were constructed later, delivering at peak, two million of! From other pipeline workers plants at the end of November, the Teamsters ' control of tools and equipment warehouses! With 4 pumps each, but no pipeline of the biggest going-out-of-business sales in history in December 2002 of mischief... Commercial fishing in the world 90 ] home and apartment rentals were correspondingly upward... When it named him the construction and maintenance Highway paralleling the pipeline would float without concrete! Scrutiny from local and National observers allow the pipeline is 4,739 feet ( 300 m ) above level. Look for river background drawingthompson pass alaska pipeline in the Chugach Mountains in 1991, Alaska, wilderness, tours construction industry 's Man the... Receives royalties from oil production on state river background drawingthompson pass alaska pipeline substance the Iñupiat called pitch and recognized it as petroleum operations the! 27 ], the surveyed route crossed hundreds of streams and rivers, the Laborers union... The leader of Ford 's team ordered 31 of the pipeline Authorization Act, a typical worker, to! Of 3,955 questionable welds—10 percent of 1975 's work Company employees and contract employees died causes., with pump Station no so that any components that are going to fail or segments. Northstar Borough and the taxes and revenue it brought to Alaska was built by Manson-Osberg-Ghemm traverse!