But because they’re relatively small dogs, it’s not as noticeable. So what’s a double coat and what does it have to do with shedding? It’s commonly just a loved family pet. This shedding period can be a bit alarming for new and unprepared owners, but relax – it’s normal. Always pick a product from a reputable brand (we have some suggestions later in the article). He added, “there are few [dog] breeds that are gluten intolerant.” So when it comes to your dog, make sure you’re feeding him or her high quality food. Each layer serves a purpose in protecting your Beagle from the environment. With over 5 years of veterinary technician experience, she's dedicated her life and career to dogs. Brushing your Beagle’s coat one a week will suffice, this will help in removing any dead hair and helping to maintain a healthy coat. When it’s time for the spring season, a Beagle will begin to shed it’s heavy, dense winter coat. The good news? Beagles originated from England. Beagle Smells and Odors. Here’s what these Beagle owners had to say to this question: 1. With dogs, the problems can come in the form of medical diseases, lethargy, weight loss and yes, even excessive shedding. But because Beagles were once popular hunting companions, they needed to be out in the wild where shrubs, bushes, twigs and other rough terrain elements lie. To answer your question quickly; yes beagles do shed. This is one of the easiest ways to keep their, There’s one thing to understand in regards to this question – no dog is truly. According to Roy Cruzen DVM, the number one reason for excessive shedding in dogs is due to poor diet. It has always driven me nuts how much he sheds during the spring or summer. Most of these methods involve grooming. Every time this dude comes in, he leaves a carpet of fur wherever he lays or rests. These became extinct by the 1900s. Answer. However, new hair does not push out old hair, as one might think. Potential health problems. Seasonal shedding is very common, but for those with double coats, it’s much more noticeable. In fact, they’re far from it. There was even “Pocket Beagles”, which were tiny (around 8 to 9 inches from the ground to shoulder). Slowart says Moderate: “To be honest I’m pretty surprised by some responses. Beagles definitely shed more than Maltese Dogs, White Highland Terriers, Havanese Dogs, Cairn Terriers, Labradoodles, and Schnauzers. But aside from the quality of food, owners that give their dogs a gluten-free diet can also cause major shedding, according to Pete Lands DVM. The undercoat is the bottom layer of fur that feels a little bit like wool. Similarly, when it’s time for autumn and winter the Beagle will need to shed its summer coat. Some more than others. The undercoat is the bottom layer – this feels a little bit like wool and helps to insulate. They have been bred to be perfect for outside life. In 1890, the Beagle Club was formed. Beagles, though, fall into the “more” category because of their thick coats. It’s much warmer then, so this makes sense to keep the dog cool. According to Dog Time, the amount of shedding can vary greatly with a Beagle. A mission was formed – to produce one standard type of Beagle. Maybe I got a dud, but my lad sheds like he’s trying to create a new beagle mini-me every single day.”, 9. So, there will be more shedding. After shaving your Beagle, you’ll notice that new hair starts to grow almost immediately. They’re not too timid nor aggressive, not too big nor small. Read on to learn 6 reasons why they’ll shed. This is exactly what it sounds like. So, make sure you’re using actual dog shampoo, preferably with high quality all-natural ingredients that’s easy on their skin. Otherwise, beagles shed like any other dog year round.”, 4. As a result, these dogs were bred to have a coarse and thick coat. Nearly all dogs, including the Beagle, will shed to a certain extent. Aside from the hairless and hypoallergenic dog breeds, every other dog breed will experience seasonal shedding to a certain degree. Instead of individual single strands of hair coming off your Beagle, you can expect clumps of fur to come right off. In fact, it can be a really great bonding experience. They are clean dogs (unless, of course, they've found something appealingly stinky to roll in) and generally don't require frequent baths. If you decide to bring one home, you won’t regret it. Post Jan 17, 2017 #1 2017-01-17T11:32. That’s a given. It’s a loving, loyal and friendly dog – perfect for work, young families, and the elderly alike. Not only does it depend on the breed itself, but also the individual dog and genetics.