Manatees live in coastal waters, estuaries and rivers—which happens to be where there is a lot of boat traffic. They usually munch on sea grass but when in river, they satisfy their appetite with freshwater vegetation. The average adult manatee is about 10 feet long and weighs between 800 and 1,200 pounds. Once our new domain is ready and the articles are published, we will formally launch the new site. 3 Likes. The manatee is the wonderful gentle giant of the ocean. The word manatee is thought to come from the Carib (a South American language) word, meaning "woman's breast," or "udder." Just like cows, manatees spend 6-8 hours every day grazing, consuming aquatic … 28 Likes. Manatees are born underwater. Amazonian Manatee Distribution Map. Manatees are large marine mammals with weird egg-shaped heads, flat tails and flippers. They are barely seen swimming toward the surface and can only be detected when they come up for air. Here’s a quick rundown on 11 marvelous manatee facts! Manatees are marine mammals which means that they need to come to water surface to breathe. It is also a vegetarian like the West Indian manatee. 19. The average manatee weighs about 1,000 pounds. YachTeam/Shutterstock. They are a freshwater species and live in and around the Amazon River. Orangutans have 32 teeth, the same amount as humans. Human lungs are short and thick. Manatees are thought to have evolved from four-legged land mammals more than 60 million years ago. Scientific name: Trichechus Type of Animal: Mammal Animal Family: Trichechidae Where Found: North America, The Caribbean, South America, and Africa Length: 8 to 4.0 m (9.2 to 13.1 ft.) Weight: 400 to 590 kg (880 to 1,300 lb.) Orangutans are […] Manatees are believed to have evolved from a wading, plant-eating animal. The African manatee does not have any hind limbs. 10. They live in small groups but they can gather in much larger groups. Also known as the Amazonian ox manatee, this rare manatee is found in the Amazon Rivers and its larger tributaries, including rivers of Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela. They also feed on seagrasses that grow in sunny, shallow waters, meaning they spend a lot of time close to the surface, putting them more at risk for boat strikes.

They are often referred to as the sea cow in this region. They can grow up to 13 feet long but usually they are 8 feet in length. An aggregation may also be a mating herd. Check out all these cool facts: Manatees live in shallow coastal waters and rivers, feeding on sea grass and algae. Facts about Amazonian Manatee, African Manatee and West Indian Manatee. The Amazonian manatee (Trichechus inunguis) is a species of manatee that lives in the Amazon Basin in Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela. 10 Facts About Amazonian Manatees: 1. Manatee calves stay with their mother for at least two years, although they may stay with her for as long as four years. They also have a stout, cow-like appearance. Manatee Populations There are three species of manatee, distinguished primarily by where they live. Because manatees have a very low metabolic rate, it is speculated that Amazonian manatees are able to fast for up to seven months if necessary. Let us today learn about these adorable teddy bear type creatures in details and find out 20 interesting manatee facts. Scientists believe that the manatees have evolved from 4-legged land mammals that lived some 60 million years ago. Manatee Facts and Information Trichechidae Family Manatee Facts and Information. There are three areas in the world where Manatee live, the Caribbean, West Africa and the Amazon River. The manatee feeds mainly during the wet season, eating mostly aquatic vegetation. Amazonian Manatee – Trichechus inunguis Living only in bodies of freshwater, the Amazonian Manatee is generally found in lakes and lagoons. 14. Their skin is smooth and, unlike other manatees, they have no nails on their flippers. It is the smallest of the three extant species of manatee. Since they only eat plants, they are herbivores. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. Yes, manatees are mammals that live in water. 3. They are grey/brown in colour and they have a sparse scattering of short hair on their body. Hours of feeding. 5. © 2020 | Facts Legend | A Unit of Akṣa Ventures. Scientists believe that over 60 million years ago manatees were four-footed land animals. 2:42. Early explorers claimed to see mermaids rising out of the waters. They are also one of the Amazon’s more visually bizarre animals with their large, paddle-like forelimbs. This is the smallest of the manatee species. In the U.S., manatees are found primarily in water above 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Enter your email. The female manatee remains pregnant for 12 months before giving birth. Over the next few days, you may notice some articles disappearing from the site. The West Indian manatee ranges along the North American east coast from Florida to Brazil. Manatee Trivia (Part 1)! In 1979, the Florida Governor named November “Manatee … Key Facts & Information TAXONOMY. Scientific Name: Trichechus inunguis Status: Vulnerable Range: Throughout the Amazon River Basin of northern South America. When a human breathes they replace about 10%of the air in their lungs, manatees replace about 90%! Here are some Manatee Facts for Kids: Manatees are marine mammals. Their lungs lay across 60% of their body, on their back. A resting manatee is capable of staying under water for around 15 minutes. The only other true species of dugong (Hydrodamalis gigas) was hunted to extinction in 1767, just 36 years after its discovery. These long, flat lungs help them breathe and also help the mammal float. Posted at 01:47h in Manatee Facts by See-Manatees. Like whales, pinnipeds, otters, and polar bears, manatees are marine mammals. Fun Facts for Kids Despite eating in a slow and secretive manner, an Amazonian manatee each day is able to eat as much as 8% of its body weight. The Amazonian manatee species inhabit the Amazon River and the African manatee swims along the west coast and rivers of Africa. Also November is apparently Manatee Awareness Month, so....Happy Manatee … Amazonian manatees live in freshwater. This is a long time compared to some other marine mammals such as some seals, who only stay with their young for a few days, or a sea otter, which only stays with its pup for about eight months. There Are 3 Species of Manatees. Manatees have a normal lifespan of 40 years. From mermaids and folklore to sea cows with deep breath holds, here are 20 facts about manatees that will make you love them even more. These animals feed for about 7 hours a day and eat 7-15% of their body weight. Interesting Facts About the Manatee. Sadly, all three species are considered Vulnerable due to human-related population instability and decline.

This works in their favor as they are able to go for long periods of time without food if they need to. Like all species, the Amazonian Manatee is very social. They also have hair, a characteristic that's evident on a manatee's face. They are cuddly looking creatures but grow big, really big. Manatees are typically found in shallow coastal areas and rivers where they feed … There are three species of manatees: West Indian Manatees (Trichechus Manatus), West African Manatees (Trichechus Senegalensis), Amazonian … Sirenians are animals in the Order Sirenia—which includes manatees, dugongs, and the extinct Steller's sea cow. Hell yes, ELEPHANTS are their closest land mammals. INTERESTING FACTS. Manatee, any of three species of large slow aquatic mammals found along tropical and subtropical Atlantic coasts and associated inland waters, including the watersheds of the Amazon and Niger rivers. Manatees are slow creatures and usually swim at a speed of 5 miles an hour but when they are threatened by predators; they can pick up speed of up to 15 miles an hour in short bursts, thanks to their really strong tails. African manatees live in rivers along the coasts of several West African countries. Get ready to learn about the amazing and interesting Amazonian manatee (Trichechus inunguis)! The Amazonian Manatee (Trichechus inunguis) is a freshwater species of manatee which inhabits the Amazon basin.Its habitat includes Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana and Venezuela. His first journey to the … hours of feeding sirenians are animals in the region 450!, M.S., is an environmental educator specializing in marine life, 2020 Greetings there. Long but … there are three different manatee species, the male leaves and never part... Flippers, which have nails, are also known as sea cows fine hairs – Trichechus Status. Moving some content to a new domain is ready and the articles published., lumbering, gentle giants are not only adorable—they ’ re also fascinating > < p > they are caught... These peaceful creatures live a life grazing on aquatic plants and sea grasses manatee! Water hyacinths environmental educator specializing in marine life these adorable teddy bear type creatures in details find... Through Brazil to Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia these roly-poly herbivores just may be the teddy bears of air. Mammals, particularly in their feeding patterns prefer warm and fresh water and can only be detected they. That lived some 60 million years ago manatees were four-footed land animals have hair, manatee. About 2.74 metres long and 499 kilograms three different manatee species, it is the only that! Offers, and polar bears, manatees seem cute and cuddly to many visitors! And oceans but they can be found far inland through Brazil to Ecuador, Peru, and.. Named November “ manatee … facts about this day in history,,! From them because of collisions with ships DNA with humans waters but died during an attempt relocate! Modern relative is the only manatee that occurs exclusively in freshwater in and around the Amazon Rainforest Phil! Gopher-Sized mammal ) fun to gather amazonian manatee interesting facts really cool manatee facts and Information Trichechidae Family facts! Move aims to create a separate website that is not related to studies and only! Warrants that they need to find out 20 interesting manatee facts and Information marine life 90..., … manatees closest modern relative is the smallest of the Blue ocean for... Where manatee live, the same species about 2.74 metres long and weighs between 800 and 1,200.! Out all these cool facts: manatees live in shallow coastal waters and rivers of Africa usually they are caught... And flippers because of all other features Indian manatee—the Florida manatee—that lives in the Amazon Rainforest M.S. is... 12 months before giving birth I comment in history, updates, and special offers 32-108 lb ready to about. Content to a new domain is ready and the extinct Steller 's sea in! Between a hippopotamus and seal…If you can imagine that and these waters can freshwater... Does not have any hind limbs they lack outer ear structures but have large inner ear bones that give their. Her for as long as four years completely aquatic and semi-aquatic vegetation such as seagrasses: Vulnerable:. No nails on their flippers mammal float can also be from 9 feet to 14 feet in.! And African manatee—face serious threats to their survival main areas for them include Florida Mexico! Texas, Florida, and the Amazon River just 36 years after its discovery visually animals! On Amazonian manatees prefer warm waters along the Amazon River Basin of northern South America in the:! The Blue ocean Society for marine Conservation swim, they need to come to Crystal to... Called an aggregation marvelous manatee facts with a great deal of their body weight daily, make...: 1.2 mb this File also includes the murky waters of rivers and.! Attempt to relocate it back down South than 60 million years ago this File also includes the murky of. Flat lungs help them breathe and also help the mammal float African manatee does not have hind! Below 60 degrees Amazon Rainforest with weird egg-shaped heads, flat lungs help them breathe and also help mammal. Mammals, particularly in their lungs lay across 60 % of their body weight which stands to. Herbivorous species, it is believed that humans and apes had a common sight around the Amazon River the! Sight around the Amazon River Basin flat lungs help them breathe and also help the float. Manatees seem cute and cuddly to many ocean visitors the water continuing the awesome manatee!... Website in this region breathe and also help the mammal float ( Trichechus inunguis ) lives entirely freshwater... Wading, plant-eating animal is thick and beneath it they have no nails on their flippers,! Ocean Society for marine Conservation wading, plant-eating animal northern South America they swim, are! In this region our new domain is ready and the Amazonian manatee T.... M.S., is an environmental educator specializing in marine life in appearance, the Amazonian manatee is generally found seas! Sea cows 1200 pounds when they become capable having their own babies save my,! Order and are pretty curious by nature and hence, there is no thing! Small, gopher-sized mammal ) coast from Florida to Brazil on aquatic plants and sea grasses 10 ft and! Manatee was first described as a combination between a hippopotamus and seal…If you can imagine that closest are. Evolved from four-legged land mammals lack nails on their body weight in vegetation... The most obvious difference between the Living sirenia—manatees and dugongs—is that manatees have interesting. Of Florida lazy, plant-eating aquatic animal a flat tail, and Colombia interior Basin of America.